Thank you for your interest in our bead patterns!  I hope that I have made this site as
easy as possible to browse, and shop from! If you are looking for one of my designs
that is not listed, please let me know as I'm still in the process of loading them all. I have
been designing patterns for many years, and ALWAYS design with my Delica color
sample cards right by my computer so that my colors are accurate to what the photo of
the pattern shows. Some of my older designs only have the graph, and not the word
chart. It will state in the description what is included.  When you purchase, you will have
the choice of a digital download which I will email to you, or print and ship. The price
listed on the pattern is for digital, if you prefer that I print and ship it to you, please
contact me at and I'll give you the price for that option, as some
are only 1-2 sheets, some are 50-60 or more, so the price will depend on the size of
the pattern.
I have divided my designs into sections that I hope will help make it easier
for you to find what you are looking for. We also can make a kit for any of
my designs, I've listed a few that already have kits available, if you want a
kit for one that isn't listed, just ask, as I can make any of them into kits.
Bead Designs by Deb Bergs
"Winter Warrior"